Mood Talk mini #1 Karine



Karine, 32, Paris.

Me & My Mood favorite ring  : Vénus


I am prone to mood swings!

My mood is influenced by events during my day and  interactions that I have with others.
I’m a receptionist: I have to smile and be pleasant throughout the day, which is sometimes very difficult since I also speak to derogatory or unpleasant people… It instantly puts me in a bad mood!
If I’m on my workplace, I try to keep on smiling.
Back home, I let my anger explode, and everyone suffers from my bad mood.
Beauty and fashion are my passions, so it’s true that shopping helps me to endure a bad day.
Similarly, in the morning, putting on a new dress or trying a new beauty product makes me happy, and I smile just thinking about it.
Another great source of good humor: planning a trip or a weekend!
Even more if it’s a getaway with my little lovely girl 🙂