Take care of your mood jewelry.

Me and My Mood jewelry changes color according to the temperature, and reflects your mood.

When damaged, your jewels become black and will not change their color….

Me and My Mood jewels are sold with a card where you will find the interpretation of the colors that crystals take but also on the back, some tips to keep your jewel intact and prolong its life.
While good quality thermosensitive crystals can change color for many years, very few rings dating back to the 1970s still work.
Mood jewelry is very sensitive to water, which when it enters the stone, mixes with liquid crystals.
They turn black immediately, and will not change color.
Crystals can also be damaged if exposed to high temperatures or when exposed to severe temperature differences.
For example, leaving your mood ring in a very hot place, such as the dashboard of a car in summer, in the sun, can irreparably damage the crystals of your ring.
You can extend the life of your jewel by removing it to wash your hands and keeping it at room temperature when you’re not wearing it.

This way, you can continue to admire the color changes of your crystals for a long time!

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