Colors and Your Mood

COLORS illustration article

Everything would be bland and boring if life was black and white …
Colors play a very important role in our daily life and you will find out how they affect your body and mind.

This is the most showy and vibrante. Red color has the ability to stimulate the suprarenal gland (responsible in case of stress ) and neurons. Ideal to motivate you to move because it gives us more energy and vitality . But too much red brings stress, frustration and even anger.
Use touch of red by (lipstick, top) when you’re tired or unmotivated and avoid it totally if you are already irritated or if your My Mood jewel is black!

This color reminds us of the sun light and heat, that is why yellow is a powerful anti -dépressif.
When we are dealing with this tone, the body releases a chemical called serotonin, linked to happiness and good mood. Yellow helps the nervous system to wake up easier and improves concentration. Everybody in yellow for a totally blue My Mood jewel !

Blue is the color of creativity and has a calming effect.
Blue is also synonymous with coldness and seriousness so do not overdo it, then it could return a sad image.

It means authority, power, intelligence, knowledge. It is the most popular color in the fashion industry since it is associated with the style and the people who wear it seem thinner.
It is also an aggressive tone, chosen by the different sports teams (like the team of New Zealand rugby, the All Blacks) to prove their experience and strength.
In summary, we feel stronger and slimmer in black!

This is the most neutral color,synonymous with purity and cleanliness. Chosen both for a wedding dress than for newborns clothes and in hospitals and medical practices. It symbolizes virginity and calm.

It is the color of nature!
Green has a calming and relaxing effect for the eyes, it relieves stress and allows us to better focus.
Now you know what you have to wear to face a stressful day …

Pink is considered as feminine and romantic . It is also associated with tranquility and it reduces anger and anxiety
Pink = dreamed mood 🙂

It is associated with royalty, luxury and sophistication.
It is also the color of mystery, spirituality and sexuality.
Wear it to seduce!

A very showy color, with effects similar to yellow. If you want to improve your mood and be more alert and energetic, feel free to wear orange. Orange stimulates mental activities and it is also beneficial to study.