Necklace of the Pisces astrological sign and raw labradorite – ZODIAC


Necklace with a medal of the astrological sign of Pisces and pendant with a raw laboride, or natural labradorite.
Silver plated necklace, chain size 45 cm, adjustable + 5 cm.
Silver plated medal engraved with the sign of Pisces, dimension 1 cm in diameter.
Pendant with silver-plated base, raw laboride (unpolished) dimension 0.7 cm.
Please note, natural stones are all unique and may present slight differences in color compared to the one displayed on this website.

Your jewelry, handmade, will be sent in a “piece of the universe”, wrapped in a fabric printed with our solar system.
I attach a short text about Pisces positive traits.


In stock

Dear Pisces,
your crystal is the Laboride.
It promotes your spirituality and self-reflection.
You are kind, generous and faithful.
Keep being in love with love!

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