Pets and your Mood

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Having a pet allows you to feel good in your body and mind !
It is scientifically proven , dogs, cats or goldfish hunt stress.
Discover the benefits of animals…

How does it work ?

There are several logical explanations for this stress reduction phenomenon.
The presence of a pet simply diminish the feeling of loneliness.
Moreover , the animals feel the sadness of their masters and come to comfort them by claiming caresses.
In addition, it is rewarding to take care of a little being, be fully responsible toward him, and put your personal worries aside!

Psychologists also believe that animals have a catalytic effect.
They serve as a projection instrument : we can share with them our anxieties and fears .
They also listen without judgment , or at least without answering unpleasant things!

Animals foster social ties because we speak more easily when there is an animal : ” what a beautiful dog !”, ” Can I pet him ? ” …
Moreover, a study on the sociological impact of the animal showed that a pet gather members of the same family.

What sort of animal you should adopt to fight against stress?

The benefits vary according to the type of animal:
For example, contemplate an aquarium has an anxiolytic effect:
The aquarium stimulates sight, hearing ( lapping of water ), smell, and sometimes touch and the stimulation of those senses helps concentration and has a soothing effect .
In addition, located in public places, health facilities or schools, aquariums used to bring people together and promote contact.

If you adopt a dog, you agree to walk every day … And physical exercises are good for morale !
Finally, studies have shown that cats purr starts in humans the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

If having a pet is good for your mood, no way to run to the pet store ! This is a commitment for the long term , which requires responsibility. Think before you commit. If necessary , ask your friends who have pets or a veterinarian. Because do not forget, if you want your animal to be a source of well-being, you must also bring him happiness!