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Magic ? We wish !


Our jewels actually contain thermosensitive liquid crystals: they react to temperature changes.

These temperature differences make our crystals move and this movement modifies their molecular structure, which also changes the wavelength of light (and therefore color) reflected or absorbed by our crystals.

Yes, but how our jewels reflect your emotion?

Your mood is correlated with the temperature of your body. The normal temperature of a person’s body is 98.6°F (37°C).

When you are stressed or upset, blood is directed to the internal organs away from the skin surface: your jewel takes a darker color.

If you’re happy, your body temperature rises: your jewel takes a blue color.

Try our jewelry ! It’s funny and very pretty

bague rose

Happy, Romantic

bague bleue

Calm, Relaxed

bague verte


bague jaune

Tense, Excited

bague marron

Nervous, Anxious

bague noire

Very upset

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